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Holiday treats

POSTED ON December 31, 2009

pane forte, "stained glass" fruit cake, champagne and handmade stocking

pane forte, “stained glass” fruit cake and champagne

Here is an image of what Christmas looked like this year. My mother and two Aunts completely spoilt us by sending over all these goodies from Australia.

You may have read about my mother’s pane forte on Poetry of Food. Two arrived, rich and delicious, wrapped and tied with a ribbon in the tins they were baked in, just in time for afternoon tea.

One of my aunts had French champagne delivered to our door, which arrived in the first snow storm. My other aunt sent her famous “stained glass” cake, named as such because if you hold a slice up to the light the dried fruits look like stained glass.  It’s also chock-full-of-nuts and encased in just enough batter to hold it all together.

Celebrating with these familiar treats warmed my heart and enriched the holiday season. Thank you.

Wishing you all a healthful and delicious 2010!

happy new year

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