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POSTED ON March 22, 2010

Posted in Gluten free, Mains


Kichadi is a simple stew made of rice and mung beans and reminds me of a thicker Indian version of Chinese congee: nourishing, comforting and deeply healing. To make kitchadi you simmer a combination of basmati rice, mung beans and spices for hours with about two or three times the amount of water that you [...] continue reading ->

Sesame no-knead bread

POSTED ON March 10, 2010

Posted in Baked Goods

Sesame no-knead bread

There was suddenly a lot of talk about baking bread around here and during the last couple of snowstorms we finally brought our talk to fruition. I should mention our impulse to get a loaf in the works was spurred by my sister’s arrival back from Australia with a few precious gifts: a jar of [...] continue reading ->

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