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POSTED ON August 15, 2010

siasconset beach

I just spent my summer holidays in Nantucket, a beautiful Island 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts that marks the most easterly point of the United States.  Nantucket is steeped in a rich, nautical history yet much of the island has been preserved, and remains wild and undeveloped.

The first time I visited Nantucket was eight years ago, I was there to help my friend Susan Simon cater a spring wedding on one of the beautiful beaches that surround the island. I clearly remember the day she picked me up from the ferry and we drove along the country roads, lined with wild flowers and old, wooden fences. I felt so far away from my life in New York City and free, the combination of rambling dirt roads and pristine beaches rejuvenated my spirit. The effect is the same each time I visit.

eat fire spring road

main street

blackberry picking with stella

sesachacha pond at dusk

leaving the beach

I  love stopping at a Pumpkin Pond Farm for organic vegetables on the way home from a day at the beach, and making dinner wrapped in a sarong, barefoot, and still salty and warm from the sun. These post-beach dinners were simple, yet no note taking was done in the kitchen and unfortunately not a lot of food photos either. But I thought these few images might help inspire some summer meals of your own.

roast tomato basil crostini

herbed quinoa, fava beans with parsley and garlic, humus and salad with dijon mustard dressing

pasta and pesto with friends

antipasto at sfoglia

brown rice with parsley, avocado and black sesame and salad with pickled red onions and marinated goat cheese

the dinner table

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