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Rose almond milk

POSTED ON February 13, 2016

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Rose almond milk


The idea for a rose infused almond milk has been with me for a while and although I knew the taste would be delicate and intriguing, I wondered about getting the perfect rosy color—once steeped, rose tea is more golden than pink. Then the solution came to me; a few months [...] continue reading ->

chai + homemade almond milk that won’t curdle

POSTED ON February 25, 2015

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chai + homemade almond milk that won’t curdle

Tis the season of chai in my house

The weather this winter, marked by months of sub-zero temperatures, snow and even blizzards has me craving warm, invigorating drinks. I’ve always liked chai, the spicy Indian tea when it’s well made – not that easy to find outside of your own kitchen– but haven’t, up [...] continue reading ->

Sprouted buckwheat breakfast bowl

POSTED ON September 29, 2014

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Sprouted buckwheat breakfast bowl

Throughout the summer I was intrigued by the preponderance of buckwheat breakfast puddings and porridges appearing in my instagram feed and on my favorite blogs. Most of the breakfasts were made with raw, soaked buckwheat and blended with everything from coconut, bananas and berries to raw cacao.

Since I’m not much of a smoothie-for-breakfast-person, [...] continue reading ->

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