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Spiced red fruit tartlets

POSTED ON December 22, 2015

Posted in Baked Goods, Dessert

Spiced red fruit tartlets


The scent of these tartlets is not only delicious, but also surprisingly intriguing; perhaps it’s the tanginess of the pomegranate and berries combined with a hint of cardamom, orange and nutmeg or the dark cocoa crust enriched with ground almonds, maple and coconut? Even after they cooled I couldn’t stop trying [...] continue reading ->

Japanese broth with soba noodles and tempeh

POSTED ON January 18, 2015

Posted in Gluten free, Mains

Japanese broth with soba noodles and tempeh

Over the holidays I finally got the chance eat at Kajitsu, a vegan restaurant in Manhattan serving Shojin cuisine. Shojin cuisine is a type of Japanese cooking originating in Zen Buddhism. The best parts of the multi-course meal reminded me of Shizen –a Japanese macrobiotic restaurant where I worked in Amsterdam and wrote about [...] continue reading ->

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