amy chaplin

celebrating the art of eating well

Writing this book not only got me to unearth my early food memories and why I cook the way I do, but also allowed me to delve into the notes I’ve gathered over the last 20 plus years of cooking in different kitchens around the world. It contains all my staple recipes — from simple every day meals to more involved dishes for special occasions, plus everything I teach and cook for my clients.

The book includes over 150 recipes (it’s 400 pages!) ninety percent of which are vegan and many naturally gluten-free. The recipes are organized into two parts. Part one explores the pantry, with everything you need to know to stock your kitchen with nutrient rich ingredients. You’ll find information on the health benefits of each ingredient, how and why to soak your grains, beans and nuts, essential equipment to bring out the best in your ingredients, and 30 staple recipes for everyday nourishment.

Part two celebrates each season with recipes that show off local produce at its peak. Included here is an extensive dessert section with lots of tips and tricks for creating your own delectable vegan (and refined sugar-free) desserts. I hope this book finds a place in your kitchen and you will cook from it for years to come!

“At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen is a very inspiring book full of recipes that are for both our health and our pleasure. Who says wholesome food can’t be beautiful too? The food looks gorgeous!  I look forward to using this book in my own kitchen.”

-Deborah Madison, author of Vegetable Literacy and The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

"Amy Chaplin's book is both a culinary delight and guide for good health. From personal experience, I know that Amy's cooking and recipes are exceptional--my whole family loves the meals I prepare using them. From chia pudding to butternut squash lasagna, Amy creates delicious food that's good for you and that you dream of having again and again"

-Natalie Portman

“Amy Chaplin’s beautiful cookbook, At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen, should be a staple in every pantry—vegetarian or not."

-Spirituality & Health magazine