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Simple Kale chickpea salad~happy mother’s day

POSTED ON May 11, 2014

Salad with nasturtiums

Salad with nasturtiums

When I was thinking about how to honor mother’s day here, my mind conjured up images of pretty spring breakfasts and then flirted with the idea of baking a special cake. Mother’s day is a great excuse to bake something gorgeous—I know my Mother would love a good piece of cake; especially if I baked it with sprouted flour. Then it hit me. Just about every mother I’ve talked to lately wants a healthy meal, something easy to throw together with clean, uncomplicated flavors. So, although you may not make this for your mother, I thought of it as a recipe that mothers can make for themselves.

This salad has become a staple weekday lunch as its perfect for cooler spring days and a great way to get more greens into your life. I think the best thing about it is that it’s so fast—especially if you have the greens washed and scallions chopped.



Meals like this leave you feeling clear, bright and present—I know it sounds odd to think of meals that make you feel present, but food that nourishes your body has that effect on your mind. When we eat foods that are not helping us thrive, we feel heavy and tired which makes us want the effect to pass, in turn taking us out of the moment.

Use whatever greens look the best in your area and try changing it up with the suggested add-ins below. Let me know how you like it!

Happy Mother’s day to all the mamas out there and to my lovely mother (missing you!)

my mother, sister and I in the garden~taken by my father around 1980.

my mother, sister and I in the garden~taken by my father around 1980.





Simple kale chickpea salad

I recommend home cooked chickpeas here but if you are using canned chickpeas for this salad, drain and rinse them well. Put them in a small pot, covered with water and bring up to a boil, then drain before using. This will greatly improve their flavor. I also add some baby mustard greens to the steaming kale.

4 cups chopped kale (cut it into 1 ½ inch ribbons, leaving the stems on)

½ cup cook chickpeas (preferably cooked in a pressure cooker for 22 to 25 minutes)

1 tablespoon thinly sliced scallions

1 to 2 tablespoons lentil and or pea sprouts, optional

1 tablespoon flax oil

½ teaspoon tamari, plus more to taste

½ small avocado, sliced

Pinch flaky sea salt

Black pepper

Squeeze of fresh lemon

Nasturiums or other edible flowers, optional

Steam kale until tender, about a minute. Place in a bowl and add chickpeas, scallions, sprouts, flax oil, tamari and avocado, and toss to combine. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Season to taste with extra tamari and serve topped with nasturtiums.

There are lots of other ingredients you can add to this salad, try:

Sauerkraut, crushed garlic, hemp seeds, toasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, thinly sliced radishes.

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  • I love that you decided to feature a recipe that reflects exactly what you’ve been hearing mothers ask for: easy, healthy with simple and uncomplicated flavors. This looks like a perfect salad, and what is more liberating and clearing of the mind that cooking this way?! As a holistic health coach in training, I completely agree that nourishing food has a positive impact on our presence and sense of clarity.

  • This is a beautiful looking salad!!

  • Julie Melrose says:

    Thank you for your recipes and for these words…
    “When we eat foods that are not helping us thrive, we feel heavy and tired which makes us want the effect to pass, in turn taking us out of the moment.”
    So true!
    Julie Melrose

  • I finally got to make this kale chickpea salad this past weekend and it was such a hit!! Thx for sharing. Can i post it on my blog?

    • Amy Chaplin says:

      Hi Jill,

      So happy to hear it! If you post a version of this recipe on your blog please list my name and provide links back to my site and to the original recipe.



  • Bella Hardy says:

    This kale chickpea salad definitely looks yummy and I will try to make it! I love your recipe cuz it contains healthy ingredients! Thanks a lot for sharing, Amy!

  • Judy says:

    I am new to your website and love the colorful foods you put together. My daughter is motivated to eat when her food is pretty and I will be bringing this salad over to her as she recovers from surgery. I have more nasturtiums growing in my garden than I could possibly use.
    Next: Order your book and start cooking my way through it!

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