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“Amy Chaplin makes the most delicious, healthy, inventive vegetarian food I’ve eaten. She made me 3 vegan meals and snacks a day for 3 months- every day was different, scrumptious, and portioned so that I was consistently energetic (I was doing extreme exercise for a film at the time and needed the fuel but not the fat!). Also her ingredients are so clean that my skin has never been better and I was the happiest I’ve been with my body. She is also a lovely person and a great cooking teacher (I loved the food so much I asked her to show me how I could make it myself!). I wish I could eat her food all the time.”

- Natalie Portman

“Everything Amy touches and creates turns to pure deliciousness! Her food is made with so much love and the freshest ingredients, you can taste and feel it’s goodness in every bite.”

- Liv Tyler

“Amy Chaplin’s food is scrumptious, beautiful and meticulous.  It is nourishing to the eye, the body, the spirit.”

- Anna Deavere Smith

“Amy Chaplin manifests rare culinary skills—food she prepares is beautifully balanced with flavor, color, healing and aromatic qualities, seasonal and regional aspects, and qi-energetic focus; even her hearty winter dishes exude a wonderment of play and fun! As executive chef, she transformed the venerable vegan restaurant in New York City, Angelica Kitchen, into one of the healthiest eateries on the planet. More than being attuned to only the gastronomic and flavor-centered experience, she infuses a highly creative, magical spirit in her work. The result is, her food art nourishes the entire person, serving to awaken and elevate the senses with remarkable therapeutic benefit.”

- Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods

“Amy Chaplin is one of the world’s foremost vegan chefs and creative spirits. She contributed immeasurably to the success and international reputation of Angelica Kitchen for it’s innovative vegan cuisine.”

- Leslie McEachern, owner of Angelica Kitchen

“Amy is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fresh healthy eating. I have thoroughly enjoyed her cooking lessons, catering, and an overall food education. Of course, it all included sampling her delicious recipes as well as having fun. Not only did Amy introduce me to the NYC farmers markets but she guided me on how to find the freshest and healthiest food options that are available.”

- Susan Almrud, art advisory and private acquisitions

“Amy’s whole food cleanse was a transformative experience for me. For three weeks, I ate her beautiful, delicious, and nourishing food. I had steady energy throughout the day and no longer craved caffeine or sugar to carry me through a busy schedule. Amy educated me about the many ingredients she used, so I could continue to integrate them into my life. I can’t imagine a better way to invest in my own health and well-being.”

- E. Andrews, private client

“Amy Chaplin is the most gifted, intuitive, and awesomely wonderful cook out there. She is a wholesome foods wizard, a chef extraordinaire, and one of the loveliest women you will ever meet. The depth of her understanding of how we can truly nourish ourselves with food to create health and wellness, and too, her inspired feel for food and cooking are astonishing. Having the pleasure of regularly learning from, witnessing, and enjoying Amy’s gorgeous and exquisite creations is one of the greatest boons for both me and my family. Her talent is rivaled only by her beautiful self. She is a delight through and through, and our hearts, bellies, and bodies are blessed to be touched by her gentle genius in the kitchen.”

- Maggie Lyon Varadhan, private client

“Amy Chaplin’s food is a surprise with every bite. Vegans, vegetarians and even carnivores delight in her deft use of fresh, local, organic ingredients. Her coconut cake with coconut ganache and fresh berries is infinitely delicious and stunningly beautiful – just like all her food.”

- Susan Simon, James Beard award wining cookbook author

“Amy Chaplin’s whole food cleanse provided me with delicious and nourishing meals and snacks for two weeks, she then set me on a path for future healthy cooking and self care. During the cleanse, Amy’s varied, delectable dishes helped me to re-set my natural rhythms of energy and hunger. I slept deeply, woke early and with great energy, and ate each of her yummy meals to contented satiation. In addition, Amy’s innovative vegan cooking introduced me to wonder ingredients (chia seeds, flax oil to name a couple of my favorites), accessible recipes, and, most importantly, the tools to improve my culinary skills and to take better care of my overall health and nutrition, and those of my loved ones I will cook for! Amy maintained consistent and supportive communication with me during the cleanse, ensuring that the experience was as nurturing, delicious and enjoyable as possible– which it was!”

- Nelly Perera, private client

“Amy’s diet worked for me because the food was tasty and satisfying and I never felt hungry. She is also a great coach, giving me lots of creative options for meals and snacks.”

- Rivka Orlin, owner Café Mogador

“Amy was simply the best chef this favorite restaurant of mine has encountered during the 20+ years that I have been a regular at Angelica Kitchen; she is innovative and creative and knows how to balance healthy, great-tasting meals.”

- Nikki Santigo, Angelica Kitchen customer

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