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Enjoy the health benefits, unmatched flavor and ultimate convenience of home cooked meals. Amy creates dishes to suit your ideal diet and/or restrictions and prepares everything fresh in your own kitchen. Whether you want gourmet meals to serve to friends and family or cleansing foods to keep you feeling and looking your best, Amy’s high standards, flexibility and knowledge of healthful ingredients come together in beautiful, nourishing food.

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A pantry stocked with nutrient rich whole food ingredients is the key to creating delicious, healthy and easy meals anytime. With the best resources for pure whole food ingredients and quality kitchenware, Amy will help you create a functional kitchen that inspires creativity. Learn which whole grains, super-foods, beans, nuts and seeds and fresh produce to purchase, how to store them and tips on eating and preparing these whole food ingredients.

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Amy’s carefully planned cleanses gently detoxify and rebalance your body with nutritional broths, greens, super-foods, berries and soothing vegetable soups. Her whole food cleanse features balanced vegan meals of nutritionally enhanced whole grains, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds, giving you all you need to feel satisfied and energized to meet the demands of your schedule. Menus are 100% organic and change seasonally depending on what is available locally.

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In these unique and intimate classes Amy demystifies the secrets to cooking with plant-based ingredients and shows you step-by-step how to prepare delicious, seasonal and healthy meals in your own home. Whether it’s quick, everyday food or entrees and desserts for special occasions, Amy will inspire you to cook nourishing meals for yourself and others. Drawing on 20 plus years of experience as a vegetarian chef, Amy explains the health benefits of ingredients and shares her techniques, gives tips for stocking your pantry and where to find the best, freshest organic ingredients. Menus and recipes are tailor made to suit your dietary needs.

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Amy has developed recipes for numerous publications including Martha Stewart Living, Whole Living, Delicious Living and the Vegetarian Times. She also consults and develops products and recipes for restaurants and food companies.