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Tomatoes on toast… in a new kitchen

POSTED ON August 27, 2011

tomatoes on toast

I’ve been eating a lot of tomatoes on toast these days, To me this it’s the perfect breakfast to capture the flavor of summer before it slips away.


breakfast again

Every single time I eat tomatoes on toast I’m reminded of breakfast in Lynne Tarleton’s kitchen. Lynne is an old friend of my mothers who owned a Tearoom in the front of her home in Dorrigo (Northern NSW).  Her specialty was croissants and Devonshire tea, and stopping there was the highlight of our weekly shopping trip down the mountain. Lynne was a great inspiration to me when I was growing up; she is a huge talent in and out of the kitchen and has a flare for everything she puts her mind to: restaurants, antique stores, grocery shops/cafes and especially entertaining. She has the kind of infectious generosity that inspires people.  Everyone seems to be in a better mood around her.  Above all else though, Lynne gave me my first experience working in a kitchen, helping her prepare for parties.  She hired my friends and I to make cocktails for her guests. Strawberry daiquiri anyone? It was the eighties don’t forget!

Well after the Tearooms had changed into a restaurant, we would still stop in for breakfast. I savored these mornings sitting in the middle of her country-chic kitchen as we ate fresh tomato on toast off of classic blue and white willow pattern plates with white linen napkins. I thought the meal was elegant and went so well with the strong cups of tea she kept pouring.

Since peak tomato season is coming to a close, I urge you to enjoy them for as many mornings as you can.

heirlooms at the market

with local goat feta


All you need is;

Whole grain sourdough bread, I love Hawthorn Valley Farm Rye and spelt-rye.

Good extra virgin olive oil, my favorite is Frankies (butter is also good!)

Tomatoes of any shape and color

Fresh basil leaves

Sea salt

Freshly ground black pepper.

And if your in the mood, goat cheese goes well, too.

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