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Beans and greens, and a tartine

POSTED ON June 17, 2013

Posted in Mains, Side Dishes

Beans and greens, and a tartine

I recently had the pleasure of a kitchen visit from Myriam Babin, a photographer and creator of the lovely blog New York Kitchen — you can check out her post here, (she also snapped these pictures during our afternoon together). I took a much-needed break from editing to make us lunch and get to know her gorgeous [...] continue reading ->

Polenta with ramps and peas

POSTED ON April 4, 2012

Posted in Gluten free, Grains, Mains

Polenta with ramps and peas

The arresting yellow color and aroma of open daffodils beside me, the blinding white blossom outside, slowly giving way to green leaves and the fresh cool breeze entering through the just open window, is a delightful reminder of what’s to come. Since it’s still chilly out a comforting bowl of warm polenta topped with the [...] continue reading ->

Brown and sweet rice to go with everything

POSTED ON August 8, 2009

Posted in Gluten free, Grains

Brown and sweet rice to go with everything

I had promised a couple of weeks back to give you some recipes for simple grains to eat with all the condiments you now have in your fridge. Having cooked grains on hand makes it so easy to prepare healthy meals in minutes!

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