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Chickpea pizza with asparagus and pea shoot tangle

POSTED ON April 13, 2016

Posted in cookbook, Gluten free, Mains

Chickpea pizza with asparagus and pea shoot tangle

I’m jumping the gun a little by using asparagus in this recipe — here in New York we won’t be seeing any locally grown tender stems for another few weeks. Truth be told, the only significant sign of spring (it’s been freezing) at the farmers market this week were ramps and their irresistible, wild [...] continue reading ->

Sesame no-knead bread

POSTED ON March 10, 2010

Posted in Baked Goods

Sesame no-knead bread

There was suddenly a lot of talk about baking bread around here and during the last couple of snowstorms we finally brought our talk to fruition. I should mention our impulse to get a loaf in the works was spurred by my sister’s arrival back from Australia with a few precious gifts: a jar of [...] continue reading ->

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