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Sprouted buckwheat breakfast bowl

POSTED ON September 29, 2014

Posted in Breakfast, Gluten free

Sprouted buckwheat breakfast bowl Throughout the summer I was intrigued by the preponderance of buckwheat breakfast puddings and porridges appearing in my instagram feed and on my favorite blogs. Most of the breakfasts were made with raw, soaked buckwheat and blended with everything from coconut, bananas and berries to raw cacao. Since I’m not much of a smoothie-for-breakfast-person, these […] continue reading ->
Strawberry buckwheat granola with coconut and cardamom

POSTED ON April 14, 2014

Posted in Breakfast

Strawberry buckwheat granola with coconut and cardamom   I made this granola in honor of spring and the strawberries to come. Since it’ll be quite a while until we see the sweet red gems at the green market (on the East coast), I decided to make a granola using dried strawberries. I had forgotten how totally delicious dried strawberries are until recently, […] continue reading ->
Raspberry smoothie bowl

POSTED ON March 13, 2014

Posted in Breakfast

Raspberry smoothie bowl I’ve been bored with my breakfast routine of late, my usual oatmeal and almond milk just isn’t getting me into the kitchen with much enthusiasm.  Neither is my fall back breakfast: sprouted toast with almond butter. Maybe it’s just that I’m ready for spring to usher in some seasonal inspiration or perhaps, I simply need […] continue reading ->
Goji-strawberry smoothie

POSTED ON June 29, 2013

Posted in Breakfast, Gluten free

Goji-strawberry smoothie It’s only on these rather hot and humid summer mornings that I entertain the idea of making a smoothie. Although delicious, blended berries rarely make their way into my breakfast routine – I usually eat them whole out of hand or scattered over my staple summer breakfast bowl. If you’re a smoothie fan then you’ll love […] continue reading ->

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