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Tasty condiments

POSTED ON July 11, 2009

Posted in Condiments, Gluten free

Tasty condiments

I have had a lot of requests for simple, quick meals and it’s got me thinking about how I eat at home on a daily basis. It’s definitely not complicated and time consuming but it is delicious and healthy. I think the key is to have good condiments on hand so you can turn [...] continue reading ->

Oats and chia seeds with almond milk

POSTED ON June 24, 2009

Posted in Breakfast, Gluten free

Oats and chia seeds with almond milk

“What do you eat for breakfast?” It’s a question I have been asked for years, especially by people wanting to incorporate healthier foods into their diet. Since I love breakfast I always have a lot of suggestions.

Soaked oats and chia seeds with almond milk and berries was what I found myself eating through the [...] continue reading ->

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