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Warmest wishes and a couple of sweet treats…

POSTED ON December 24, 2014


Today, I’m sharing two recipes that I recently posted on Healthy Eats. They are simple and great to have up your sleeve when you’ve got people visiting and need to have treats on hand. If you’re entertaining anyone who is gluten free, they’ll be thrilled.

This festive pear cranberry breakfast crumble (pictured above) is perfect for feeding a crowd; the delicious smell of coconut, cinnamon and vanilla baking is sure to get everyone up and into the kitchen. If you’re looking for something a little less sweet, simply cut the coconut sugar down or out completely and serve with maple on the side. Topped with tangy, thick yogurt (dairy or coconut) it is a real treat.

Find the recipe here.

Photos by Stephen Johnson.


These vegan and gluten free double chocolate cookies surprised me more than any recipe I’ve made recently. Not only do they taste scrumptious freshly baked, but they also lasted 5 days, which is rare for vegan and gluten free baked goods. They are deeply chocolate-y moist from lots of ground coconut and a winner with everyone who sampled them. Find the recipe here.

Warmest wishes to you all. Thank you for the wonderful support this year and enjoy the rest of 2014. I’ll be back with more recipes in January.

Amy x

Ps. I need to tell you about a givaway that’s happening over on Choosing Raw. Gena, who I had the pleasure of meeting recently (and is a lovely person I might add!) has posted the heirloom bean bourguignon recipe and is giving away a copy of At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen. I happen to be making the very same recipe as I type! Check it out here and good luck!

Here are a couple of other place where my book is mentioned this week.

Kimberly Hasselbrink’s best gifts Yahoo Food.

Washington Post Food’s Best Cookbooks of 2014

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  • Dora says:

    Hi Amy! Just wanted to let you know that the link for the chocolate cookies is not working 😉
    They look delicious! Have a ver Merry Christmas and and amazing 2015!

  • Hanh says:

    Merry Christmas Amy, will be making these treats over the holidays. Thank you for all the delicious recipes.

  • I just received your cookbook for Christmas and I think it is the most beautiful book I have ever seen. I love everything about it! Thank you for all of the inspiration.

  • Tracey says:

    Hi Amy! My son had celiacs disease and does not tolerate oats. Do you have any recommendations for substitutes? Particularly for the chocolate cookies-which look divine!

    • Amy Chaplin says:

      Hi Tracey,
      You could try using brown rice flour or a combination of millet and brown rice. I would use less than the pats as the grain flours are heavier. Let me know how it goes!
      Amy x

  • Jan Kees says:

    I am from the Netherlands and would like to thank you for all your posts about nice healthy food!
    Today I tried the double chocolate cookies, but the mixture was very crumbly and not sticky at all. Should I use more coconut oil and/or maple syrup than mentioned in the recipe?
    x x x

    • Amy Chaplin says:

      Hi Jan,
      Thanks for writing I’m sorry to hear that they were crumbly. I think the mixture varies depending on the cocoa powder you use.
      I used a very dark one by Vahlrona and mixture was moist. Yes, if its dry try adding equal parts coconut oil and maple syrup I would start with a tablespoon of each.
      Let me know how it goes!

      Het beste,

      Amy x

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